SMART MOVE! you've decided that a break from screens in your home is a REALLY good idea
I'm so glad you're going to take some family time off screens and DO IT RIGHT!
Time off from screens can be hard, but I will make this much easier for only $19.97!
It's always a great idea for the whole family to take a short break from screens. But there are two ways to go:

The hard way - quit cold turkey without any guidance and deal with the nightmarish consequences from your kids, AND the extreme likelihood you'll have given up by lunchtime on day one, or

The easy way - use my Digital Detox Success Plan to ease your family in and out of the time off screens without any meltdowns, tantrums, fits or arguments with your kids!

If you want to do it the easy way (and get the biggest benefits), get my Digital Detox Success Plan now. 
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