Your family needs a break from screens NOW!
Depression, anxiety, moodiness, anger issues, talking back, sleeplessness...
These are all ways kids show signs of too much screen time!
The Digital Detox Success Plan is normally $50. As a special offer, take 60% off and get it today for only $19.97!
What I get in the Digital Detox Plan:
(Is it OK with you if I cram it full of goodness??)
  •  Comprehensive guidance on the what, how and why of a digital detox, tailored for every unique situation
  •  Practical ways you can still do a digital detox, even when you're a working parent and school is in session for the kids
  •  Smart and easy ways to transition in and out of a digital detox so your kids and spouse don't have a meltdown!
  •  Loads of fun and interesting ideas to keep the whole family busy while off screens
  •  Solutions for every challenge you may face to ensure your whole family is successful in staying off the devices
  •  Options for taking a shortened version of a digital detox of less than one full week - an afternoon, weekday or weekend
  •  BONUS! My        Digital Detox Family Pact to get everyone on the same page at home and excited about the break ahead - $12 value!
  •  BONUS! My        Foundational Foods for a Healthy Braincheat sheet guide to ensure you maximize your family's health and improve behaviors - $25 value!
  •  BONUS!        A 15 Minute S.O.S. call with meany time you need it during your digital detox - a $125 value! 
TOTAL VALUE: $212 for only $19.97!
What Parents Are Saying:
"Dr. Carroll's Digital Detox Success Program was the best thing we ever did as a family. Not only did it help break our son's gaming addiction, but we became much closer as a family overall during our time off from screens together."
- Tabitha J, NY
"I wanted to just take the screens away, but I knew the backlash from my child would be a nightmare. With the Digital Detox Success Plan, I had the guidance and support that I needed to do it right and it went so well we’re going to do it again in a few months. I highly recommend it to all parents!"
- Laura K, NV
"I would tell other parents not to wait. Follow this plan to take a break from screens in your home right now. Every family with kids needs it, and Dr. Carroll knows the way."
- Roger W, OH
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